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We Empower people to enhance their own skillset due to
the platform we created...

1. Understanding to be Understood

2. Looking to start a career? Feeling like no-one is understanding

Aurora Academy

The academy we have is in simple terms, a business school that allows you to understand both theory and practical while trying to create your own startup.

Active community

We listen to understand and not just respond. The biggest investment has been our people and the people have built our community.

Development Platform

"Where experience normally knocks you" we have every platform no matter what angle or which area you are trying to develop as an individual. 

The Aurora Academy

Understanding about business in an educational manner



Have your introduction to the Academy and be assigned a mentor to coach you in all aspects of what we do.


Stage 1 - 2

Be a Brand Ambassador and deal with marketing of a brand, and customer acquistions.


Stage 3 - 4

Learn how to pass on the skills learnt through Stage 1-2 to others from our future recruitment drives


Stage 5

Discover how to replicate our business model and be financed by us to run your very own startup and business

Features Stage 1-2 Stage 3-4 Stage 5
Customer ServiceYESYESYES
Being a Mentor-YESYES
International Events-YESYES
Running Your Own Business--YES
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Jack Dickerson

Founder and Managing Director

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Ross Stevens

Founder and Managing Director

Common FAQs

Check below for the commonly asked questions about being
part of Aurora Worldwide

We can provide promotional services for large corporate clients throughout events, residential and business to business campaigns. Each client receives a tailored campaign designed around their specific needs. Our clients receive a much higher performance than many of our competitors in both acquisitions and quality.

BA Earnings are based on sales based earnings therfore, it is regarded as very rewarding and also competitive. This provides long term satisfaction for the clients we work on behalf of due to the performance level of each Brand Ambassador being outstanding.

Your advancement in the business is very simple! We have the Aurora Academy platform that starts you as Brand Ambassador to gain the necessary skills to advance to Entrepreneur Stage 2/3 where you give guidance to other Brand Ambassadors and potentially run your own co-working space thereafter.





Where are we?

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Working Hours

9am - 6pm


48 Great Eastern St, Hackney, London EC2A 3EP

Contact Phone

020 7033 6867

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